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Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Consulting

Blending mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and social justice informed approaches to healing the embodied effects of cultural trauma

What is Transformative Consciousness?

The Transformative Consciousness Curriculum is rooted in the idea that institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, etc. cannot solely be addressed through the facet of the mind.  While education and informed dialogue are central components of equity based practices, increasingly, research shows that trauma is stored in the body.  Therefore, the Transformative Consciousness curriculum blends a mind-focused education with targeted somatic work that seeks to dislodge stored trauma in the body so that more meaningful dialogue can take place.  It accomplishes this by bringing participants into awareness of their body and providing them with practical tools to enable them to physically work through challenging situations and difficult dialogues around social issues.


In other words, the Transformative Consciousness Curriculum is a blending of mindfulness and social justice approaches to addressing cultural trauma.  Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Consulting offers both individual and group work and is rooted in the notion that trauma lives within the body and plays itself out through every aspect of our lives. 


The Transformative Consciousness Curriculum takes the perspective that social inequity (i.e. cultural trauma) is a zero sum game.  It understands that everyone is traumatized by oppression—the “oppressors” and “the oppressed.”  What differs is how this trauma is experienced and its particular effects on the body and psyche of the person, including how their bodies are visibly marked, the cultural scripts that are projected onto their body, and their accumulated lived experiences.

The Transformative Consciousness Curriculum uniquely blends breath work and meditation techniques, feel and process tools, social justice focused readings, situational analysis, journaling, dialogic techniques to manage trauma responses, and personal inner trauma work. 

About Trish

I am a white, queer, cisgender, introverted, anti-racist educator, writer, and spiritual activist.  By day I am an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Champlain College, by evening I teach yoga classes around the Burlington, VT area, and by night I’m reading to acquire new tools and concepts to bridge mind and body for meaningful social justice work.

I am a firm believer that more equitable futures are possible only when we are each committed to realizing, and to helping each other become, our own best selves; when we transform sources of vulnerability into sources of strength; and when we plant the seeds of a more just world through our daily actions and relationships.

With 15 years experience teaching in higher education, the Transformative Consciousness Curriculum draws upon these very different realms of my knowledge, commitments, and passions to integrate social justice and mindfulness work to heal the embodied effects of cultural trauma and to help individuals and institutions meaningfully deepen their impact around issues of social equity.

In addition to holding an M.A. and Ph.D. in Feminist Studies, I am a 200-Hour Certified Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, Inner Alignment Coach, and Reiki I&II Practitioner.  I hold additional certifications as a SafeZone trainer and Trauma Informed yoga instructor.

Programs Offered


Consulting Packages

 Trish specializes in working with predominantly white institutions to meaningfully shift their workplace culture through intentional practices that foster inclusive spaces for all to thrive. The consulting curriculum is useful for institutions and organizations who would like to confront and transform how deeply rooted cultural traumas, biases, and prejudices play out through daily organizational power dynamics, workplace relationships, and institutional practices.  The consulting curriculum combines individual and group session work and is particularly crafted with institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations (especially those with a social justice focus), and law enforcement (police departments, correctional facilities) in mind.  

Coaching Packages

Trish's coaching curriculum is intended for individuals who want to dislodge deeply rooted cultural traumas, biases, and prejudices for their own personal growth.  It is ideal for healers, activists, and those in the helping professions who want to engage in their own inner healing work to lessen the effects of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue they experience through their daily work. Individual coaching packages consist of 5 sessions and Trish will work with you to set your goals and intentions for the program.  It is highly recommended for activists looking to deepen their effectiveness as social justice advocates while preventing burnout and staying in a place of love.

Custom Packages

Are you interested in crafting a unique program to meet your individual or institutional needs? Looking for a program for a slightly younger crowd, or wanting to incorporate more or less of specific elements?  With Trish's extensive background in education, institutional diversity programming, and list of specializations and themes, she can work with you to craft a customized program to best suit your needs, adaptable for a wide range of audiences and organizations.  Check out Trish's theme packages to build a program around your needs.  Or book a free consultation with Trish.


What My Clients Have to Say

"Trish challenged me to dig deep in my lived experiences, while providing me a safe place to sit with uncomfortable memories. She made me aware of the love and acceptance that I can work on fostering toward my younger self."


"I can't say enough about Trish's skills in coaching. She expertly guided me into exploring belief systems and behavior patterns that I wasn't aware of, even after years of traditional therapy. Trish allows such sacred space during coaching that I felt safe diving into even my darkest feelings and emotions. I feel blessed to have experienced this deep work with Trish!"


Contact Me

Burlington, VT, USA